Households with God

by Jim Simantirakis

As we view the second theme in our fast, we can be reminded of some areas that speak on these matters in the Bible, in particular in the gospel of Matthew and Book of Acts.

Let’s begin by stating the truth.  First, God is a God of order.  Proper alignment is important to God.  And second, we need to stress the point that more often than not, we need assistance in our alignment.  We need to remember that God is our source, for everything!  It is through Him that we exist, and we need to know that God comes first.  Go no further than the first chapter in the Book of Genesis to see what God has done.  He is the author and finisher, He is the creator of all, He is the Alpha and Omega.

Given this focal point we can now rightly make a connection that God should be the focal point in our households.  When we choose to believe in God we are grafted into a new kingdom, a new people, a new priesthood, a new house.  Which again He is the main part of.

Acts 4:11-12
“Jesus is the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’ Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

God is our cornerstone, it is through Him we lay foundations down, grow, and lean on.

When things feel out of order, He is the God who brings order.  He is the calm in the storm.  Our home can be our first place to show order.  And I’ll admit, for myself, this is not an easy task.  There have been and continue to be struggles and obstacles to get through in having a home that is properly aligned with God, but as chaotic as it might be at times, I know that I have access to a God that knows exactly what my family and I need, and that He is our refuge and help in the midst.  He is what we build on in our homes.  As long as He is the foundation, we can stand and reflect the goodness of God.  We are properly aligned.  God doesn’t need us to try and showcase the proper household, He needs us to surrender and submit to having Him in our households.  It starts with Him.  It gets better with Him.  It continues to grow with Him.

This is important because we also see in the gospel Matthew (12:25), that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  We see here that there are clear cut distinctions with God.  There are two sides, God and the Enemy; and being in the middle or grey areas with foundational pieces is not a place you want to be.  There is clear danger of the house falling apart.  Reference: Matthew 7:24-27 (Building on the Rock)

This will perhaps transition us into our warfare theme as well, but I’m reminded of an example of this in history during World War I.  During this war each opposing side had trenches built where they’d be stationed and had a large open land mass between them known as “No Man’s Land.”  This was an area of high risk and high casualty, filled with traps, bombs, gas, and enemy fire.  Little to no protection was provided for anyone trying to cross over their way alone.  The middle ground was treacherous.  It almost reminds me of when sheep go astray and Jesus goes after them.  Praise God for getting us through the valleys!

Let us continue to choose God, who provides for us, enables us, equips us, and guides us through any terrain.  Let us fight for Him to be present in our homes, communities, and lives.  To Him be the Glory!

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