We are an ethnically diverse Spiritual family on mission, submitted to and governed by the loving rule of Jesus Christ .

We are a Spiritual family, shaped by suffering and power revealed in the cross, and made up of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, through the Gospel.

What is Cross Culture?

Cross Culture is a church.
It's also a collection of churches.

The Bible uses the word “church” to describe a group of people who believe the
gospel and are empowered by God’s Spirit to submit to and demonstrate the loving
rule of Jesus through their lives.

Cross Culture consists of several groups of people who primarily gather in homes
and apartments in Chicagoland. We typically refer to these as “house churches”.
Regularly, these house churches also come together in a larger assembly in a
centralized location. We call these "Cross Culture United" gatherings.

Our rhythm of life reflects the description of the earliest believers in Acts 2:46 
who were “day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes…”

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Due to the nature of our Church and collection of House Churches, we stay connected as a whole through our app. Maintaining Unity and Community in our Group Chats, Media Series, announcements and events. The app is currently searchable and available as "Cross Culture Chicago" on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. 

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